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Biograd - The White City by the Sea

There is a special charm of this coastal town in the middle of Croatia that's known among sailing crews. Beside the first-class marinas and the neighboring Kornati archipelago, there are great places to visit and good restaurants in the stunning old town center.

Yacht charter Biograd is a town with a long touristic tradition along the Adriatic Sea and it was actually at one point the capital of the Croatian medieval Kingdom. The name actually translates into "white city by the sea" and it refers to the small peninsula that it sits on, with the Planac and the Sveta Katarina islands in front of it, both famous tourist attractions.

It's a known fact that Biograd was once a city for Croatian kings, but today is the perfect location for yacht charter tourists with its numerous marinas, the surrounding natural parks, the cultural and recreational facilities and with a long tradition in entertaining foreign visitors. Not to mention the fact that it's picture postcard beautiful.

The pride of locals in yacht charter Biograd is the 11th century St. John's Basilica, the only thing to survive the town's destruction by the Venetians and today the best sought-after attraction by foreign tourists. Some of the sailor crews visiting should also visit the museum of history situated on the waterfront because there are ancient boats on display here. Nature lovers will get a kick out of the "tropicarium" which houses exotic species of reptiles and fish and might also be a good idea for your kids.

A good thing to remember is that the neighboring regions of Biograd are equally attractive, like the natural park of the Kornati Archipelago, the Krka national park and the Velebit Paklenica that can be reached by booking a trip with several providers located on the waterfront. Or, you can use your yacht charter from Biograd to sail in these regions in your own time.

In case you get hungry, the majority of the restaurants can be found along the waterfront. This is where you can sample some of the Dalmatian cuisine which is rich in textures and flavors coming from the sea, something the visitors should enjoy. The recipes are simple yet delicious and hold something of the continental heritage, as well as something from the Mediterranean side, which is why you'll find many pizzerias around town, an Italian legacy that today seems to come in handy.

After dark head on out to the old town and the promenade. This where you'll find most bars and clubs which open their doors to the public as soon as the sun sets, making your yacht charter holiday in Biograd a little bit more colorful. There's something for everyone, from quiet bars to loud discos that stay open until the early hours of the morning. Just remember to catch some sleep before heading out on the sea.